Description Of Etched Stainless Steel Sheet


Etched finish is created by a screen printing the protective acid resistant to a polished surface and acid etching the unprotected areas.The etching removes a thin layer of stainless steel and roughens the surface.And etched stainless steel sheet is a type of decorative stainless steel that has undergone a chemical or mechanical process to create patterns, designs, or textures on its surface.The etching process selectively removes material from specific areas, resulting in a contrast between the etched and unetched regions.This creates intricate and precise designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.


Advantage Of Etched Stainless Steel Sheet


Grand Metal has advanced production line, using professional materials, screen and ink, adopting development technology to make perfect etching effect. We can meet your own etched stainless steel design needs. Etched stainless steel sheets can be made with all-inclusive patterns, custom patterns, and even unique styles and patterns.


Application Of Etched Stainless Steel Sheet


Etched stainless steel sheet with various patterns and styles, it has a wide range of uses, and can be used for wall decoration, elevator decoration, etc.

Etched,a process that forms a specific pattern on the surface of stainless steel through chemical corrosion reaction.


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