3D Laser Finish Sheet

What is 3D laser process ?


3D Laser process also called laser engraving .The process of laser engraving stainless steel involves a strong laser beam physically removing the surface layer of the metal to create an engraving in the desired design. A method called deep engraving is also commonly used to mark stainless steel.


How to form a 3D laser pattern on the surface of stainless steel ?


The 3D laser beam is used to irradiate the surface of the stainless steel, thereby causing changes in the material and structure, and finally forming an optically changing pattern on the surface of the stainless steel.


Advantage of 3D laser finish sheet



3D laser engraving is an advanced surface treatment technology that can create 3D patterns and text with a sense of third dimension on the surface of stainless steel.


This technique produces a rich and colorful surface, creating visually impressive effects.


3D laser engraving is suitable for various fields such as home decoration, commercial space, building facade, interior partitions, etc., adding a high-end and modern feel to products.

Laser surface is flat and the visual effect is three- dimensional.


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