2B Finish Coil

What is 2B finsh ?


2B finish, also commonly referred to as a “mill finish” describes the unpolished cold rolled material as it is obtained from the producing mill. It may sometimes exhibit a slight luster from the rolling process, but no reflectivity. This particular finish is most often used where stainless steel is specified but the finish (appearance) is unimportant.


The features of 2B stainless steel


Premium 2B stainless steel is a versatile, anti-rusting and heat resistant steel that maintains numerous applications and makes up 50% of worldwide stainless steel use. 2B stainless steel coil displays the following properties



2.Heat resistant

3.Tensile Strength: 74,694 PSI

4.Yield Strength: 70,343 PSI

5.Elongation: 40%

A smooth, reflective cold-rolled annealed and pickled finish produced by imparting a final light cold-rolled pass using polished rolls.


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