Our Vison

Our mission is to be a stainless steel company providing one-stop service to promptly satisfy the customers' requirements.

Guangdong Grand Metal Material Co,. LTD, with years of experience in the field of stainless steel distribution, has been adhering to the aims of customer focus and service orientation, continuously building a professional sales and service team, providing professional solutions to meet customers' various demands through prompt response, and ultimately obtaining customer satisfaction to reflect the value of our enterprise.

Our Values

In the process of providing customers with quality products and services for many years, we have gradually established our own corporate culture. Believing, sharing, altruism and perseverance are the pursuits of every one of our Grand Metal staff.


Some people believe the things they see, others see what they believe. We choose to believe all. We believe in our products & services; we believe in our customers and suppliers; we believe that we can be a leading enterprise in the field of stainless steel distribution.


We have created a partnership to share the fruits of our work with all of our teams. We are also open to our customers and suppliers, sharing our accumulated advantages in various fields through various collaborations based on our coordination and complementary resources.


We have been committed to providing our customers with products that can remain in profits, keeping them with reliable and considerate services, offering them valuable information so that we have the value to develop further.


We firmly convince that there is no depressing industry only depressing enterprise. The only way to accomplish our mission is to keep insisting, day after day, with the original intention to move forward steadfastly toward our goal.


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