BA Finish Sheet

What Is Stainless Steel Sheet ?


A stainless steel sheet is a type of sheet metal made from an alloy of steel and chromium. Stainless steel sheets are normally classified into hot and cold- rolled types, mainly including 200, 300, 400 series alloys. 200 Series has low nickel; 300 series contains chromium and nickel as their major alloying additions; 400 Series is formed by ferritic and martensitic stainless steel. Type 200/300/400 series alloys available in sheets at Grand Metal include 201, 202,304, 316, 309,301,321,410,420,430.


What Is BA Finsh Sheet ?


BA (Bright Annealed), is a specific surface finish which is produces by the mills for cold-rolled stainless steels, mainly for the grades 304 316 and 430 and in thicknesses up to a maximum of 3.0 mm.


During its production, the stainless steel is annealed in an inert gas atmosphere after cold rolling. This produces a reflective, shiny, smooth surface structure which, depending on the manufacturer and batch, can be close to a mirror-polished stainless steel of the lower quality grades.

BA is called Bright Annealed, a specific bright surface finish which is produces by the mills for cold-rolled stainless steels.


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