L Shape Profile

Product Description of Stainless Steel L Profile


Stainless Steel L Profile Sections are made by CNC Bending. Before Bending, these Sheets are cut to their required sizes by Laser Cutting Machines. Our Stainless Steel L Profile Section Grooving is done on Metal Sheets before bending them. By following this process, we can achieve a 90° right angle on the bend area.


Stainless Steel L Profile mounted on the adhesive, designed for finishing tile edges and corners, precisely marks the line of the covering edge and closes it.


Product Features of Stainless Steel L Profile


Made of SS304 acid resistant stainless steel with low corrosion index. Its properties makes it suitable for applications in the catering industry, HoReCa facilities, hospitals as well as in the construction engineering and other facilities of professional use.


Why Choose Our Stainless Steel L Profile ?


Advantages 1: Our Stainless Steel L Profile Sections are also available in various Colours as per your Requirement.


Advantages 2: Stainless Steel L Profile Section is used in many Decorative Applications such as exterior cladding, interior decoration, Skirting, Wall Edge Protection, Floor Partitions, Wall Partitions and Many More.


Advantages 3: We will offers a wide range of Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles in wide range of shapes, colours and finishes.

Stainless steel L shape transit profile tile can be decorative. Size and surface finish can be customized.


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