201 304 316 Grade Mirror PVD Rose Gold Colored Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern Coated 201 304 316 Grade Mirror PVD Rose Gold Colored Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern Coated

This mirror rose gold etched stainless steel sheet with small cube pattern adopts the etching process, and the small cube pattern is etched on the surface of the mirror gold stainless steel sheet through chemical etching technology, thus forming a beautiful decorative stainless steel sheet.

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Description Of Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern 


The mirror pvd rose gold color stainless steel etching sheet with seahorse pattern is mainly processed by various processes such as corrosion etching process and PVD color coating process, and the seahorse pattern is etched on the surface of the mirror surface by chemical etching technology, so that the decorative stainless steel sheet is beautiful in appearance.


This type of etched stainless steel sheet is usually used for wall decoration, especially for elevator door panels and elevator cars, and is very popular among elevator designers.


Specifications Of Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern



201 304 316 Grade Mirror PVD Rose Gold Colored Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern Coated

Brand Name

Grand Metal

Surface Finish

Etched+Mirror+PVD Color Coating




201 304 316


Stainless Steel





Color Rose Gold
Pattern Seahorse
Application Elevator Cabin Or Wall Decoration


Product Display



Product Details




The process of etched stainless steel sheet

The specific etching production process includes the following 6 steps:

1. Choose the right stainless steel material

2. Confirm the etching mold pattern

3. Prepare etching solution

4. Etching on the machine

5. Cleaning and processing

6. Covered with PVC film

For more process introduction of etching stainless steel plate, please click the picture


More patterns of etched stainless steel sheet for you to choose





The features of etched stainless steel sheet


1. Corrosion resistance

2. High hardness

3. Good processability

4. Various surface effects

5. Long life

6. Environmental protection


The advantage of stainless steel etching process


The stainless steel etching process is a process technology that uses chemical corrosion to etch patterns or characters onto the surface of stainless steel. It has the following 5 major advantages:


High precision:


Stainless steel etching can be achieved with a very high level of precision and detail, enabling precise patterns, logos or writing to be etched into stainless steel surfaces. This makes it useful in applications that require high-precision lettering or marking, such as engraving artwork, instrumentation, electronics, and more.




Stainless steel itself has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so etched patterns or characters can remain clear and durable for a long time on the stainless steel surface. This makes stainless steel etching very practical in applications that require long-term use and resistance to wear, such as outdoor signage, industrial equipment, and more.




Stainless steel etching can create a variety of different patterns and effects, such as relief effects, yin and yang engraving effects, yin and yang conversion effects, etc. This variety makes stainless steel etching a wide range of applications in the field of design and decoration, which can achieve personalized and unique effects.


Environmental protection:


Compared to other processing methods, stainless steel etching usually uses chemical etching methods without requiring extensive mechanical processing or generating large amounts of waste. This gives it certain advantages in terms of environmental protection, which can reduce the impact on the environment.




Stainless steel etching can be performed in an automated and computer-controlled manner, increasing productivity and consistency. This makes stainless steel etching ideal for high-volume production needs and high-efficiency production environments.


Why Choose Our Etched Stainless Steel Made From Grand Metal Manufacturer?


1.Consistent Quality.


All our facilities are tested several times before production, and each product will be prototyped before bulk production to ensure stable quality.


2.Moderate Price.


We know the profitability is the primary goal of our valued customers. Our work is not only to bring excellent products, save your costs is also very important.


3.Strong Customization.


With our proactive team of talented designers, experienced engineers, and full range of processing lines, 90% of your special needs could be resolved here.



What Else Service Can We Offer You ?


We also provide you with the stainless steel metal fabrication service,as below:

Application Of Stainless Steel Etching Sheet With Seahorse Pattern



This type of mirror pvd rose gold etched stainless steel sheet with seahorse pattern is usually used for wall decoration, especially for elevator door panels and elevator cars, and is very popular among elevator designers.



Packaging Details


Protective Film

1. Double layer or single layer.

2. Black and white PE film/Laser (POLI) film.

Packing Details

1. Wrap with waterproof paper.

2. Cardboard encase all packs of the sheet.

3. The strap aligned with edge protection.

Packing Case

Strong wooden case, metal pallet and customized pallet are acceptable.



Q1:Are stainless steel etching panels durable?

A1:Yes, the sturdy design of stainless steel etching panels ensures their longevity, making them a dependable option that will maintain their flawless appearance and optimal operation for many years, even in high-traffic settings where they may be put to frequent use.


Q2:How do I clean and maintain stainless steel etching panels?

A2:It is simple to clean stainless steel etching  panels.To get rid of dust and smudges, gently wipe the surface with a mild, non-abrasive cleanser and a soft cloth.Avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials is essential to maintaining the stainless steel finish's long-lasting luster.


Q3:Can stainless steel etching panels be customized?

A3:Stainless steel etching panels may be modified to meet the intended aesthetic of any area thanks to a wide range of customization choices. The customization options guarantee a smooth integration into the entire design concept, from elegant and simple finishes to elaborate patterns and textures.


Q4:Are stainless steel etching panels hygienic?

A4:Apart from its superior hygienic properties, stainless steel possesses a non-porous surface that effectively hinders bacterial growth, rendering it an ideal choice for settings demanding high levels of cleanliness, such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing zones, and educational institutions.


Q5:Do stainless steel etching panels reflect light?

A5:The stainless steel etching panels' reflective surface not only improves lighting within the elevator, making the space feel brighter and more expansive but also lends a sense of sophistication and elegance to the overall design theme.


Q6:Are stainless steel etching panels eco-friendly?

A6:Stainless steel is sustainable in more ways than one in addition to being recyclable.Its extended lifespan and durability lessen the need for regular replacements, which minimizes waste and energy consumption related to elevator construction and further lessens the impact on the environment.


Q7:How long do stainless steel etching panels last?

A7:Stainless steel etching panels not only boast durability but also promise enduring beauty and exceptional performance.They provide a dependable and long-lasting solution for elevators because of their robustness, which ensures that they keep faultless looks and top-notch functionality.With proper upkeep, these panels ensure satisfaction for years to come.


Q8:Can stainless steel etching panels be used in different types of buildings?

A8:Stainless steel etching panels are incredibly versatile, seamlessly fitting into diverse architectural environments while preserving a unified design aesthetic.These panels elevate the visual allure of any building style, be it a modern office edifice, a luxurious hotel, or a cutting-edge apartment complex.


If you want to know more product information, or the latest quotation, you can contact us at any time, we will do our best to provide more services.


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