Stamped Finish Sheet

What is stamped ?


Stamped is a metal forming process for producing raised or sunken designs in sheet material by passing through stamped machine. Metal sheet is drawn through the machines dies producing a pattern or design on the metal sheet. Depending on the roller dies used, different patterns can be produced on the metal sheet.


Advantage of stamped finish sheet


Stamped can be proceed on 2B, mirror or NO.4 surfaces, and do PVD coating after stamped.


Grand Metal also supplies stamped stainless steel fabrication such as laser cutting, bending, welding and other CNC machinery service.


Application of stamped finish sheet


Stamped stainless steel sheet is widely used in academic residential buildings, airport, train, lobby, sculpture, tube , internal structures and fittings, luxury interior and bars decoration, shop counter, machinery, catering vehicles.

Stamped provides similar appearance to bricks, tiles, or wood after stamping, texturing or patterning. 


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