U Shape Profile

Product Description of Stainless Steel T Profile


T shape stainless steel tile trim is designed for transitions between hard surface floor coverings that are the same-height. It can be used to retrofit an existing installation or can be installed during the tile installation. It overlaps the edges of the floor coverings to protect the edges against damage. Installation is quick and easy by filling the joint between the floor coverings with an elastomeric sealant, and pressing the profile into the joint. Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim is a straight edge tile trim profile for the protection and neat finishing of tiled corners and edges. Features a perforated anchoring leg for securing in the adhesive or mortar bed below the tiled surface.


Advantage Of Our Stainless Steel U Profile


Advantages 1: Thick texture, high hardness, and the installation are not easy to deform.


Advantages 2: Used in its natural color and can be worn for a long time.


Advantages 3: Can be polished and welded.

Stainless steel U shape transit profile tile can be decorative. Size and surface finish can be customized.


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