Cross Hairline Finsh Sheet

What is cross hairline finishing?


Cross hairline (Cross HL) has matrix-like grind marks at a 45degrees angle. This finish is suitable for both interior and exterior products, as well as panels, ornaments and perimeters. The grain size and direction can be adjusted as per the project requirements.


The features of cross hairline finish stainless steel sheet


As same way as hairline sheets, stainless steel surfaces are brushed regularly through mechanical friction by the brushing machine. These sheets can provide a “cross-vertical and continuous long grain” to achieve cross hairline look, which is popular with architects for its aesthetic look.


Why choose our cross hairline finish stainless steel sheet ?


Grand Metal also could do many treatments on the cross hairline surface such as etching, PVD coating, etc. We also supply cross hairline stainless steel fabrication such as laser cutting, bending, welding and other CNC machinery service.


Application of cross hairline finish stainless steel sheet


Cross hairline stainless steel sheets are widely used in elevator door and cabin wall panel design, column cladding, signage, Interior and exterior decoration, shopping malls, airports & restaurants, hotel interior, skirting, kitchen appliances.

Cross hairline finish is a finish in which the surface of the metal has a cross line of hair.


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