Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

of decorative stainless steel sheet

Decorative stainless steel sheet is a stainless steel decorative material processed by one or more surface finish processes. Its surface process includes: mirror, embossed, etched,stamped,brush,bead bleasted,PVD color coating,laminated,antique,3D laser,AFP and so on.

Decorative stainless steel sheet not only maintains the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the original stainless steel but also has a colorful and long-lasting color. Therefore, decorative stainless steel sheets are widely used in the construction industry, often appearing in hotel KTVs and homes.

Characteristics of decorative stainless steel sheet

Beautiful And Durable

Decorative stainless steel sheet have an elegant look and a modern look, and their corrosion resistance and durability make them look great for a long time in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Diversified Surface Treatment

Decorative stainless steel sheet can achieve various visual effects through different surface treatment methods, such as mirror finish, matte finish, texture, sandblasting or brushing, etc.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The smooth surface of the decorative stainless steel sheet is not easy to adhere to dust and dirt, making it easy to clean and maintain.

High Plasticity

Decorative stainless steel sheet can be processed and customized through cutting, stamping, bending and welding processes.

TWELVE surface finish of stainless steel for you to choose

Water Ripple Sheet

Water Ripple Sheet

Water ripple sheet ,as its name implies,the surface patterns of stainless steel sheet looks like water ripples/ water wave.

Bead Bleasted Finish Sheet

Bead Bleasted Finish Sheet

Bead Bleasted is the process of blasting abrasive material at a surface to smooth, roughen, clean or remove coating.

Antique Finish Sheet

Antique Finish Sheet

Antique forms a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the meal ions.

3D Laser Finish Sheet

3D Laser Finish Sheet

Laser surface is flat and the visual effect is three- dimensional.

Laminated Finish Sheet

Laminated Finish Sheet

Laminated makes a material thicker by adding different patterns of plastic layers.

PVD Color Coating Finish Sheet

PVD Color Coating Finish Sheet

PVD color coating enhances the wear resistance. And the color is stable and colorful.

Embossed Finish Sheet

Embossed Finish Sheet

Embossed is raising a material's surface to show a design or pattern.

Stamped Finish Sheet

Stamped Finish Sheet

Stamped provides similar appearance to bricks, tiles, or wood after stamping, texturing or patterning. 

Etched Finish Sheet

Etched Finish Sheet

Etching creates a textured surface, versus the smooth surface .

Vibration Finish Sheet

Vibration Finish Sheet

Vibration creates a swirling pattern on a metal surface.

Cross Hairline Finsh Sheet

Cross Hairline Finsh Sheet

Cross hairline finish is a finish in which the surface of the metal has a cross line of hair.

Hairline+NO.4 Finsh Sheet

Hairline+NO.4 Finsh Sheet

NO. 4+Hairline finish gives low gloss and best apparent flatness of panels.

Mirror Finish Sheet

Mirror Finish Sheet

Mirror surface finishing is mirror-like surface,shiny and smooth.


Product Specification and Steel Grade

1 1.4372 201 SUS201 /
2 1.4301 304 SUS304 S30400
3 1.4404 316 SUS316 S31603
4 1.4016 430 SUS403 S43000

Available Size

Item Surface  Grade Thickness(mm) Width*Length(mm)
1000*2000 1219*2438 1219*3048 1500*3000 Customized
Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Mirror 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0
Hairline+No.4 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0
Vibration 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0
Cross Hairline 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0
Etched 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0
Embossed 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0 X
Stamped 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0
PVD Color Coating 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0
Laminated 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0 X
3D Laser 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0
Antique 201/304/316/430 0.3-2.0
Bead Bleasted 201/304/316/430 0.3-3.0

Chemical Composition (For Reference)

201 0.80-1.30 14.00-17.00 1.30-2.00 8.00-10.00 <1.00 <0.15 <0.25 <0.06 <0.03 / / / /
304 8.00-12.00 17.50-19.50 / <2.00 <0.75 <0.03 / <0.045 <0.03 / / / /
316 10.00-14.00 16.00-18.00 / <2.00 <0.75 <0.03 <0.10 <0.045 <0.03 2.00-3.00 / / /
430 <0.60 16.00-18.00 / <1.00 <0.75 <0.12 / <0.040 <0.030 / / / /

Mechanical Properties (For Reference)

201 ≥310 ≥665 ≥35 ≥105
304 ≥205 ≥520 ≥40 ≥90
316 ≥170 ≥480 ≥40 ≥95
430 ≥205 ≥450 ≥22 ≥88

Typical Applications

Our stainless steel applications are everywhere

In facades, decorative stainless steel is used in a variety of ways, such as cladding, panels, trim and architectural features. It adds a modern and sophisticated touch while ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the building.

Commonly used stainless steel ceilings are mostly stainless steel textures such as water ripples, embossed, mirror,etched surface and perforated.

Commonly stainless steel for furnitures are mostly stainless steel textures such as water ripples, embossed, mirror,brushed,stamped,antique and laminated finishes etc.

Grade 304, 316L, 410, 420 stainless steel are widely used in medical tools, such as medical carts and trays, cabinets and surfaces, wheelchairs, and surgical tools. (scalpels, scissors, clamps, etc.)

Stainless steels are widely used in food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries for manufacture, bulk storage and transportation, preparation and presentation applications.

Chemical process equipment, piping systems and instrumentation all make extensive use of austenitic stainless steel materials of construction. Most commonly used are Grade 304L and 316L.

why choose our decorative stainless steel sheet

Quality Control

We establish strategic cooperative relations with famous stainless steel enterprises, controlling the quality from the source. Moreover, experienced QC team inspects for the whole processing and ensure the product quality.

Competitive Price

We are able to analyze deeply about stainless steel market and advise clients to purchase in time relying on advantage resources of steel factories, supporting customers with competitive price.

Flexible Delivery

We support spot and futures both since our products are in stock always. The earliest delivery time can be within 3 days, providing customers with flexible delivery modes.

Wide Variety

We are able to cover all types of surfaces and sizes of stainless steel, specializing in customized service. A comprehensive selections from stainless steel’s finish, size are provided.

After Service

We are equipped with professional after sales teams with more than 15 years' experience, well aware of the characteristics of stainless steel, providing our customers with high quality service. 

Free Samples

We are pleased to offer a limited amount of free samples to all authorized professional clients according to their specific demands.

decorative stainless steel sheet packaging and loading

Decorative stainless steel sheet packaging and loading

In bundles with seaworthy wooden pallets or as per requirement. The inner size of container is below:
20ft GP: 5.8m(length) x 2.13m(width) x 2.18m(high) about 24-26CBM
40ft GP: 11.8m(length) x 2.13m(width) x 2.18m(high) about 54CBM
40ft HG: 11.8m(length) x 2.13m(width) x 2.72m(high) about 68CBM

Loading Stainless steel sheets cover with wood plate for protection in transportation.
All stainless steel sheets will be loaded in strong wooden packages.
Every cartons loaded with good shorting and strengthening.
Take container loading pictures and seal the container.
Transportation speed is quick.
And keep customer each step informed.

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