Hairline+NO.4 Finsh Sheet

What is hairline finish ?


The hairline finish is a design finish in which the surface of the metal has a straight line of hair, like the straight hair of a long woman. This hairline finish is a general-purpose design finish that has been used for a long time


What is No.4/#4 brush finish ?


No.4, also called #4, satin or directional finish, is an unidirectional finish obtained with a 100-400 grit abrasive depending on requirements. High grit numbers create finer polishing lines and more reflective finishes.



The features of hairline finish sheet


Hairline referred to as "the HL",it’s grain as fine as hair, straight and continuous, delicate with oil paints on the surface. It has slightly lower reflective rate than satin stainless steel sheet.


Hairline is one of the most authentic and beautiful metal surface treatments. Combined with matte effects, hairline can further enhance the texture of metal itself.


The features of No.4/#4 finish sheet


The #4 brushed finish is the most popular available today, and typically utilizes . There are various names for it including brushed, polished, satin, and sometimes even nickel finish.


It's the de facto industry standard in commercial, industrial and residential applications where aesthetics and longevity are important. It's also the most consistent across batches and is easier to match when upgrading or adding to previous installations.


The #4 brushed finish will never fade and is basically ageless, providing you keep it maintained.

NO. 4+Hairline finish gives low gloss and best apparent flatness of panels.


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