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Grand Metal has a wide range of products & services, covering stainless steel coils, stainless steel sheets, decorative stainless steel sheets, stainless steel strips, stainless steel circles,stainless steel profiles and customized stainless steel products, with steel grades 200 series, 300 series, 400 series; including surface finish like NO.1, 2E, 2B, 2BB, BA, NO.4, 6K, 8K.   In addition, to meet the individual needs of our customers, we also provide customized 2BQ (stamping material), 2BK (8K processing special material) and other special material, with customized service including material customization,style customization,size customization,color customization,process customization,function customization etc.


Material Customization

Selected SUS 304,SUS 316L and SUS 430 materials.

Style Customization

1562 Styles of elevator decorative panels are optional,and new styles can also be designed according to customer needs.

Size Customization

The standard size can be 1219*2438mm,1000*2000mm,1500*3000mm,and the customized width can be up to 2000mm.

Color Customization

More 15+ years of PVD vacuum coating experience,available in more than 10 colors such as titanium gold,rose gold,bronze,etc.

Process Customization

Multiple processes such as fine grinding mirror polishing,etching. embossing,sandblasting and random patterning can be customized to fully.

Function Customization

Anti-bacterial stainless steel, anti-corrosion stainless steel, anti-fingerprint stainless steel, anti-scratch stainless steel and other functions are customized for you to choose.

Sheet Metal Service

We also provide you with the stainless steel sheet metal fabrication service including laser cutting service,sheet blade cutting service,sheet grooving service,sheet bending sevice ,sheet welding service and sheet polishing service etc.

Sheet Blade Cutting Sheet Blade Cutting

Sheet Blade Cutting 

Laser Cutting 

Sheet Grooving Sheet Grooving

Sheet Grooving 

Sheet BendingSheet Bending

Sheet Bending 

Sheet Welding Sheet Welding

Sheet Welding 

Sheet Welding Sheet Welding

Sheet Polishing


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