Description Of Mirror Finsh Stainless Steel Sheet 


Mirror finish is achieved through a series of processes that typically include grinding, polishing, and buffing. The result is a surface that is highly reflective and smooth to the touch.And mirror finish stainless steel sheet is a type of decorative stainless steel sheet that has been polished to a high degree of smoothness and reflectivity, similar to a mirror.


Features Of Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet 


Mirror finish stainless steel sheet features mirror properties such as high reflectivity, brightness, and high shine, which can create a visually aesthetic and appealing effect, so it’s perfectly ideal to be used for applications in architecture and interior ornament.


We generally use both 201,304 and 316 grades of stainless steel sheets as the basic material to polish, you can have an option to fit your specified needs, all of them have durability and strength to provide longevity.In addition, we can also perform PVD color coating on the mirror stainless steel sheet surface to add the color you want.

Mirror, a process which is grinding and polishing on stainless steel sheet surface.


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