Description Of Antique Stainless Steel Sheet


Antique is the process of forming a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the metal ions on the auto catalytic surface without relying on the external power source in the aqueous solution.Antique stainless steel sheet is a type of stainless steel that has been treated or finished to give it an aged, weathered, or vintage appearance.


Features Of Antique Stainless Steel Sheet


Antique process so called stainless steel demarea, the use of unique local aging and bleaching technology, so that the stainless steel surface presents different levels of natural texture, and the texture of each sheet is impossible to copy, only to be unique. This finish is suitable for the decorative style that does not break the design feeling again in ancient elegance.


The use of antique liquid on the surface of stainless steel makes the coloring process more diversified, make the appearance more beautiful, but also improve the wear and corrosion resistance of stainless steel surface.


The antique stainless steel sheet is mede by chemical corrosion,different positions of the same board will have different patterns due to different corrosion levels.This difference is inevitable and we can only guarantee the patterns are as similar as possible.


Advantage Of Antique Stainless Steel Sheet


We have developed unique techniques to manufacture antique finishes on stainless steel. Antique finish is a process in which a metal electroplating coating is formed by continuous reduction of metal ions on the catalytic surface in an aqueous solution, independent of external power supply.


For example, for a sheet of stainless steel substrate, the required substrate coating is stained first, and if the desired finish is bronze, the coating will be bronze too. After this coating process, there will be a unique internal production process to obtain the numerous variations of the design required for the antique finish. We have developed over 15 different variants, each color can be antique brass, antique bronze and antique copper. Each part of the sheet is unique and no two parts look alike.


Application Of Antique Stainless Steel Sheet


Antique stainless steel sheet is made by chemical corrosion,and the pattern of each plate is anqutie. It has various styles,gorgeous colors and artistic flavor. which is very popular among retro lovers. The art retro sheets are also of wide use,such as interior wall decoration,ceiling decoration etc.

Antique, a process that gives stainless steel surface a vintage, weathered effect.


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