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PVD stainless steel: 6 things you don't know

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PVD, also known as physical vapor deposition (PVD), is one of the most advanced coating technologies.Compared with other traditional coating methods and wet chemical coating methods.PVD is a more precise and accurate coating technology.It is applicable to many metal materials, and stainless steel is indeed the most widely used one.How much do you know about PVD stainless steel?




What is PVD stainless steel?


PVD stainless steel means that different metals in the form of vapors are deposited on the surface of stainless steel.These PVD coating stainless steel provides wear resistance, corrosion protection, aesthetic PVD finish, durability, sustainability, improve cleanability, and help in fiction reduction.








The life of a PVD coating on stainless steel depends on the type of coating composition, its compatibility with the substrate, adhesion to the substrate, and most importantly, the environment in which it is used. A harsh and abrasive environment will damage the coating earlier than a healthier environment.In addition to avoiding harsh environments, maintenance and cleaning also play a key role in the life of PVD coatings.








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